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Yangzhou Positioning Tech Co Ltd is located in Yangzhou city Jiangsu Province she is a stock company which invests in many domains and factories The main products include 0 6A 6000A thyristors or called Silicon control rectifier REVERSE CONDUCTING THYRISTORS RCT Asymmetric thyristors series diodes diode bridge rectifier MOSFET transistor triacs kinds of thyristor thyristor modules thyristor diode modules single diode and thyristor modules solid state relays Resistor ferrite inductor and transformer electronic ballasts power switch supply series capacitors which includes Polyester film capacitor Metalized polypropylene film capacitor Safety standard capacitor Energy storage capacitor...

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Semiconductor Disc Devices(Capsule Type)

Phase Control Thyristor

2018 year Promotional 6500V thyristor Yangzhou Power Thyristors Welding Machine Promotion power Thyristor with best price 1200V High Power Thyristors 1718A CE 1800V Westcode Thyristor Power Controller 1200V with CE Promotional High Power Thyristor for Phase Control Gate Turn off 1600V Thyristor On Sell Security Equipment Thyristor Wholesale Online High Frequency Thyristor Exported to Worldwide High Current Thyristor Applications Trade Assurance Best Thyristor with Quality Assurance Electronics High Power Thyristors 3000V Fast Delivery Siemens All Diffused Thyristor High DV/DT KK1275A Thyristor Power Phase Control Circuit KP800A Disc Thyristor 1800v Phase Control thyristor 400a Specification Fast kk 3 Phase Thyristor Converter KK1000A 2000V Power Control Thyristor 1500A for Phase Control High Power Thyristor Phase Control 4000A 2500V KK4000 Thyristors Phase Control 

Inverter Thyristor

Professional High performance Fast Thyristor Application Frequency power inverter thyristor r1275 Low Thermal Impedance Power Thyristor Inverter 165A KK165-800V Inverter Grade Thyristors 3000V Fast KK thyristors KK1000A Inverter Grade Thyristors assembly KK165-800 Application inverter thyristor 1000v KK165a 1200V power thyristor for inverter for inverter C458PB High power inverter thyristor 2000V thyristor kk fast thyristor techsem 1000Hz Medium-Frequency inverter resistance welding transformer Medium frequency inverter welding transformer 500V 60KVA Medium-frequency inverter welding transformer with price High quality medium frequency inverter resistance welding transformer 500V Medium frequency inverter resistance 80KVA welding transformer Sell Medium frequency inverter resistance welding transformer 40KA Safety medium-frequency 1000Hz inverter resistance welding transformer Price list of medium-frequency inverter resistance welding transformer 92KVA 40KA Medium-frequency inverter resistance welding transformer Most professional 1000Hz medium-frequency inverter resistance welding transformer 

Asymmetric Thyristor

Chinese Price Professional Asymmetric Thyristor 341A Sale Asymmetric Thyristors 438A applications 60mA Asymmetric Thyristor 25V Selling YZPST thyristor jiangsu 100mA Asymmetric thyristor 1000A PSTA62166 diameter 75mm Asymmetric thyristor 2500V Custom logo original design keywords Asymmetric thyristor 

Reverse Conducting Thyristor(RCT)

Reverse conducting thyristor 2000V Optimized for low dynamic losses thyristor RCT 2000V 

Rectifier Diode(Standard Diode)

High current rating Standard rectifier diode 1600V Good performance General purpose Standard Rectifier Diode Selenium Standard Rectifier for Drives Applications High power Standard rectifier diode 6000v High voltage rectifier diode for Rectifier bridges Electroplating DC Power Rectifier Motorcycle Machine Standard Rectifier 6V ZP2000A 5400V Power Rectifier Flat bolt Rotating diode 1200V Diode capsule 6000V capsule package diode Disc type Double side cooling rectifier diodes High current Rectifier welding Diode for welding machine 400V Resistance welder high-current fast rectifier diode Low on-state voltage resistance welder high-current rectifier diod 6000V High Surge rectifier diode manufacturer High power standard rectifier factory and manufacturer 

Welding Diode

3000 amp Disc Welding Diodes Rectifier High power Standard rectifier welding diodes ZP7100 7100a welding rectifier Diodes for welding machine High density rectifier surge current Welding Diode Both side rectifier welding diodes thyristors diode machine High power diode for medium frequency welding 400V welding machine rectifier diode for rectifier 64DN04 welding rectifier diode 400v ZP12000 diode welding 200V price Type ZP12000A welding diode High current density welding diode ZP18000 ZP18000A 400V ceramic insulator welding diode High reliability resistance welder fast rectifier diodes High current capability welding rectifier diode 400V High current density welding diode ZP12000 High power cycling medium frequency welding diode Low thermal impedance medium frequency welding diode 100mA Ultra-low thermal resistance welding diode 12000A 18000A Ultra-low thermal resistance welding diodes 

Fast Recovery Diode

Fast recovery ZP3500A tube Rectifier High current capability FAST recovery diode 2000V Sale high efficiency 20MA FAST recovery diode 2600V Stud Fast recovery diodes 3000V Professional Fast recovery diodes 3000V Fast recovery diodes 4000V Snubber diodes for GTO High power Fast recovery diodes 4500V High power Fast recovery diodes 5000V rectifier applications 

Semiconductor Plastic Package

Silicon Controlled Rectifier (SCR)

Silicon 90A High Frequency SCR with Price SCR 25A TO-220 Silicon Controlled Rectifier Scr Transistor Plastic Package Power Regulator 800V semiconductors scr electronic Prx scr controller trading companies SCR transistor power transistor price with great price 25TTS08 800V silicon controlled rectifiers Phase control scr electron compon triode transistor tyn825 TO-220 scr phase control 25A Transistor 25TTS12 25TTS12 semiconductors phase control scr 1200V High capability Glass Passivated Bridge Rectifier 800V Glass Passivated Bridge Rectifier 1000V Bridge Rectifier 1600V for printed circuit board Factory Low leakage current Bridge Rectifier 1200V Latest generation SCR technology 1000V maximum voltage SCR High junction operating temperature capability 150 degrees SCR 

Bi Directions Thyristor (Triac)

Inductotherm transistor Triac 1200v 40a YZPST41-1200BW Silicone sealants BTB24 triac 24amp transistors Electronic Components Triac BTA12 Power Thyristor for Inverter TO-220P 16A triac BT139 applications Scr triac pictures thyristor 24a 16a triacs transistor BTA16 800CW Remote switch of triacs BTB25 Three terminal two way switch triacs BTA08 Switching inductive load triac BTB08 switch triac driver Switching inductive load triac voltage regulator BTA25 Transistor bta16 triac for Washing machine to 220 TO-220AB shape thyristor triac BTB16 AC motor Triac BTB12 TO-220AB shape TO-220C BT136 Switching inductive Triacs Standard triac BTA04 electronic components BTB04 AC motor control 4A triac Triac motor control 700v 25a Types of silicon triode triac Transistor bta30A triac 800V 

Silicon Transistor

NPN silicon transistor 3A suitable for energy-saving lamps Rf power transistor TO-3 npn silicon transistor Integrated Regulator IC 7812 General purpose low voltage power transistor BD139 TO-247 DC-AC converter Complementary NPN transistors Power mosfet smd 110v STC2326 Silicon power transistor province as transistor 3-Terminal 1A Positive Voltage Regulator transistors To 126 transistor npn equivalent transistors 30V Electronic cigarette lighter Mosfet 80N03 85A Electronic cigarette lighter Mosfet Load 85N03 Energy saving NPN Silicon transistors 220v Power/Darlington Transistor in TO3 package 

Plastic Package Diode

high frequency diode high voltage avalanche diode 100mA high voltage diode 2cl 15kv 3kv 60a high voltage diode hvrw3 diode Power supply of 50 amp 4KV diode Good HV diode high voltage 60 amp diode Performance High voltage diode 50a glass diode High voltage 600mA diode 10kv Ce HV diode voltage multiplier 9kv 600mA high voltage 12kv hv diode high frequency Industrial microwave High current diode 30a Supply microwave high voltage diode 12kv 450ma high voltage diode for microwave Microwave high voltage diode picture 400 amp 8KV HF X ray source diode 18V excellent high voltage diode HV-37-08F Sell 10KV hv diode voltage High voltage power circuits 20000V diode High voltage High frequency silicon diode 200mA 100ma high voltage 10kv diode 10kv diode 2cl2fk Solderable Epoxy package high frequency diode 10KV 

Silicon TVS / TSS

High current power TVS 15000W 15KP15KW 

Semiconductor Module Devices

Diode Module

Low forward voltage drop power supply Recovery Module High surge capability gps rectifier diode module 20mA Different Models of Module Electronics 50mA Rectifier Diode Wifi Module MDK SOT-27 Fully insulated package Ultrafast Rectifier Module 2200V Electronic components integrated circuit diode module 

Thyristor Module

Brand Cheapest Thyristor Power Modules Style Temperature control Dual Thyristor Modules 800A Dual Thyristor Module MTC250A1600V with amplifying gate Factory Generator Control Module Manufactory High voltage Diode Module 1600V 200A Various DC Welding power Supply thyristor module 150A Triple arms thyristor module for low voltag Professional Hard Soldered High Power Module 220V Air cooling Standard Voltage thyristor Modules Thyristor with Amplifying Gate Module MTC500A-1600V 500a dc-dc power thyristor modules MTC500A-3600V MFC160 insulation Hard soldering Diode module Antiparallel Thyristor Module 45A for Soft starters Antiparallel Thyristor Module for Light control Half Controlled Bridge Rectifier Antiparallel Module 90A Module Standard Scr Module with A Discount Temperature control dc dc module thyristor module smart Factory Thyristor semiconductor Modules 1000a 1600v Thyristor Modules for DC motor control frd moudle 6500V SOFT STARTER Medium voltage drives thyristor assembly 

Bridge Rectifier

Single-phase Bridge Rectifier YZPST-BR2504 400V 1000V full wave Single phase rectifier bridge ic 1600V Silicon Single-phase Bridge Rectifier AC DC MDQ100 amp ac to dc rectifier bridge 75A 1200V Single-phase Rectifier 100V bridge rectifier mb1s rectifier bridge circuit 0.5 amp 200V MB2S Single Phase Bridge Rectifier MB4S single phase bridge rectifier dc rectifier 800V Glass passivated rectifier bridge rectifiers mb8s Mb6s 600V Miniature rectifier Three phase rectifier bridge power module 3 Phase Bridge rectifier Modules for Soft starters 1000V ac dc Single-phase rectifier bridge module 1800V Silicon Single phase bridge rectifier module 2200V single phase bridge rectifier module 2400V ac to dc Single phase rectifier 1200V silicon rectifier bridge module 1600V silicon Single phase rectifier bridge 1800V silicon Single phase rectifier bridge 2200V Single phase dc rectifier bridge 

Semiconductor Stud Devices

Standard Recovery Stud Diode

Hot sale standard recovery stud diode 1600V 400V High power drives stud Verstion diode 1200V stud recovery diode symbol for Power supplies Sale SM70HF recovery diode 70A Rotating diode 100V ZX70 30mA 400V skn Recovery Diode diode 70 amp standard recovery diode Factory standard recovery stud diode 1400V application diode Stud bolt recovery diode 70a 2000v stud recovery diode symbol 70amp Recovery diode stud 400v 40a 800V Converters Stud recovery Diode 1200V High surge current capabilities Stud recovery diode 1400V High surge current Converters Stud recovery diode 1600V High impact current recovery Stud diode 2000V recovery Stud diode 800V skn bolt recovery diode 1200V bolt standard recovery diodes 1400V recovery diodes for Converters 1600V standard recovery stud diode 

Fast Recovery Stud Diode

Fast Recovery Stud Diode 1800V High Power Fast Recovery Diode 

Stud Triac

200 mm Ceramic Bolt Diode Triac Stud 

Phase Control Stud Thyristor

High Power Drives Thyristor Power Control 100A High Frequency DC Power Encapsulation Thyristors phase control thyristor scr 1600V 25a 

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